Alea Wise


Being asked to write a biography about myself is probably one of the hardest tasks to do. It’s asking how you want to be portrayed and what do you find important about yourself? It’s hard to narrow down what is what, and where to begin so I figured I would just give an overview. As you have probably already noticed I can tend to be dramatic. I am a native to Gainesville, born in at 5 lbs 3 oz in Alachua General Hospital bleeding orange and blue.

I have just started to break into the spoken word scene although I have always admired it. Anything and everything creative that I have been offered I have tried to explore. I have gone into painting, photography, drawing, jewelry making, stained glass, and acting. I have been acting since I was three but now I am going on stage to present my own thoughts and views. Spoken Word seems to be the perfect blend of acting and inspiration. Not to mention, I like to speak my mind, so it’s a good way to get people’s attention. Currently, I am on a path to become a teacher, where I hope to bring creativity back into the forefront of teaching and learning. There is too much to say, I have so many layers to me some that I have yet to explore.

I am honored to be joining ThirdEyeSpoken where I can work with such an inspirational group of people. I love how each member is cherished and appreciated and how their words are accepted with the highest praise and respect. I look forward to my journey with such amazing support behind me.

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