David Maas

David Maas has been writing poetry, fiction, essays, editorials, laundry lists, and bathroom graffiti for decades.  In previous lives, he managed restaurants, sold books, taught math, and played with computers.  David is a dog-lover with two cats, likes children but has none, has a deep respect for animals though enjoys eating meat, stays up late and is an early riser.  In short, he is completely crazy, which is probably why he writes poetry.

His real love has always been writing.  He helps with many ThirdEyeSpoken events—and also produces and hosts The Word Is Spoken!, a weekly show featuring invited poets, musicians, and performers, plus OPEN MIC.  He is the fill-in host of the Thursday Night Poetry Jam at the Civic Media Center, and he regularly attends workshops as a member of Gainesville Poets and Writers.  David is also one of the founding members of Writers Alliance of Gainesville, a new literary organization which will be up and running in early 2009, and he is slated to be the poetry editor of WAG’s annual journal.


David has published several books of poetry, with several more in the works.  In 2009, he will release a CD featuring his most popular spoken-word poems.  You can be sure that his poetry is outstanding because he has written this essay himself, and he is famous for his objectivity.  If he were modest, he would be perfect.


You can see some of David’s work at http://www.myspace.com/bigpox and http://members.cox.net/prairiewriters/.  More submissions coming soon.

For more information, please contact David Maas at gottakeepitreal@hotmail.com or thewordisspoken@hotmail.com.