Flynn Allen


Hey my name's Flynn Allen I am a poet, spoken-word artist, and activist born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. My politics cannot be kept away from my writing. Most of what I do is politically or socially charged. I think my style is a blend between poetry and hip hop styled spoken word. Spoken word and hip hop are on the forefront of social change. I respect anyone who is trying to use their creative outlet as a tool to motivate and educate. I am a Union Carpenter and have been involved with various organizing efforts. I also served as an Americorps reading tutor for one year at Joseph Williams Elementary; where I used poetry and rhymes to help kids get interested in reading. I joined up with Third Eye spoken after attending a few events and helped organize a benefit for the Civic Media Center.

Besides helping put together events for Third Eye Spoken I frequent the Civic Media Center's Thursday Night Poetry Jam. I volunteer once a week at the Civic Media Center. Aside from changing the world I practice Kung-Fu at the Gainesville Dojo under Sifu Desmond Jackson. My goals include seriously affecting or changing a community with spoken word or hip hop and being healthy.