Lyssa England

Entering the world in September, 1985, Lyssa is constantly striving to achieve her goals. From the glorious task of obtaining that forbidden cookie on the counter, to getting her artistic voice out in the public, she puts 1000% into all her efforts. Nothing is too high for her to reach, which she firmly believes at her 5 foot stance. She grew up predominately in the sticks of Northern Idaho, as an outward and somewhat in-your-face country girl. Her mother would say that art has been flowing from her fingers since she realized she had them.  Drawing on the walls and furniture with whatever medium was accessable.  Then one day in eighth grade, she was pulled aside by the school's art teacher for the expressed purpose of being placed in an Independent Study in an already full classroom. With his strong belief of her success, it was here that her talent truly began to blossom and her potential shown through like a LED light.

From here, she went into mad production mode and became involved in many benefits and art auctions sponsored by the local university. Just before turning 18, Lyssa relocated to Florida and quickly became overwhelmed by the Gator-Lovin' people of Gainesville. For three years, she attempted to work "as an adult" and continue on with her higher education, but nothing seemed to make her happy, nor truly inspire her.

Her life seemed to be spiraling down like a fallen autumn leaf, until she had a chance meeting with Lacey Nagy in August, 2006. Since then, she has been an active member of ThirdEyeSpoken and has never been more at peace with who she is. Currently, she works from home producing art for her clientele and and recruiting up and coming local artists for ThirdEye productions.  All whilst she works diligantly to be the best mother she can be to her son, Cayce. Lyssa is also a repeat involement with LandisFest, of Gainesville, FL.

Her hopes for the future include a long involvement with TES and its members, along with branching out to open a gallery with the goal of helping unknown artists become known to the community. She plans on creating art well into old age and maintains the wish to pass some of her talent and drive onto her son.