Starr Blaisedale

Starr Blaisedale is a spoken word artist who brings a certain sparkle to the stage. She is currently an accounting major at Saint Leo University, so she runs frantically toward any art-filled hobby she can get her mind into. She began with ThirdEyeSpoken around two years ago, and remembers the exhilaration of performing spoken word on stage for the first time. Starr is also a ThirdEye promoter, who gallops around town asking for sponsorship and community support. Starr is an outgoing individual with a gentle spirit. Her poems range from mourning to inspiration, and she never fails to get inspired by hearing other poets speak their truths. She smiles at the opportunity to be a part of a community inspiring organization like ThirdEyeSpoken. She sees a better future when people learn to express their emotions creatively. A future much more peaceful, a future where people feel heard and uplifted. That is why she remains a part of ThirdEyeSpoken, to grow as a person and to watch her entire community soar.