Matthew "Cuban" Hernandez Cuban, a native of Jacksonville, FL, is a writer, a poet, a performing spoken word artist, and a youth mentor. Innovative and new, Matthew started writing at a tender age of 13. Poetry grabbed his attention after watching his first inspiration on HBO's Def Poetry Jam, featuring Black Ice; at this moment Cuban knew he wanted to express himself through poetry. Now he's a little older and a whole lot bolder. While blazing the mic with with unforgettable pieces like; "Forgive them Father," and "Crazy" and undeniablly stamping his signature across the United States, in slams, open mic venues, charities, and television. Cuban is turning underground poetry, sidewalks, visions, and dreams into new spotlights, and giving true meaning to the word diversity, not only in his poetry, but also as a hip hop junkie, folk, country, spanish, and instrumental music lover. This young man's love for the art is beyond empicable; he breaths, eats, drinks, and sleeps poetry. Cubans voice is personal and public, and he's inspired by so many; to overwhelm so many inspired by him. His passion can not be denied or underminded, with a striking presence. While roughing out the quirks of his art, Matt had no choice but to bless Jacksonville, becoming CEO and President of Shattered Thoughts, which he organized in 2003. Cuban bares his freedom of speech through his poetry, his safe ground. He's an enduring inspiration to a new generation of poets, showing he writes for himself to express himself, while letting others bare his soul. In living his life he's learned so much, in doing so, paraphrasing a friend and fellow poet (13th of Nazareth), "I'm gonna do what I do, and if the world loves it, than cool, but if they don't, than cool. Because I didn't write this for you, I wrote this to feel good and I DO."