My name is Kristin Smith but I go by KES as an artist and by Dj Burning Phoenix as a musician. I am 27, a student at SFC of theatre and film however I am looking to transfer to film school in New Zealand soon. I am a playwright, a Dj of many styles, an artist of many mediums, and a poet of many words. I have a poetry book called, “Life is a Comedy for Those Who Think and a Tragedy to Those Who Feel”, which is currently unpublished, except for about five poems that have been published in the Second Hand Literary Journal in 2007. I have also had some of my art published in 2007 in various publications, and I have had my art shown at the Santa Fe Gallery. I have a shortened version of a play called, “The Choice” that is in the production stages of being shown.

I read a CMC sometimes and I look forward to being more involved with Third Eye Spoken. I also have some of my art displayed at Story House on SE 5th and Main currently. I paint, do stained glass and fused glass, metalwork jewelry, tattoos, silvergel black and white photographs that I develop myself, graffitti, just to name a few things. I have proformed as a Dj at the Kickstand, at what used to be the Sidebar, Storyhouse, 1982, and a number of private shows and parties. I have a few cds floating around.

I’m a Gainesville local, however I try to escape as often as possible, so I’ve traveled around a bit and lived in Tampa for a few years. I am engaged and a mother of two girls, ages 2 years and 4 months old.

I am not sure how to describe my poetry, I suppose controvesial, and incendiary , and cheeky, are a few interesting adjetives that might be associated with some of my poems. My writing varies so much it is hard to catagorize it. I use everything from a hiphop cadence to traditional iambic pentameter. Writing poetry isn’t something that I do consciously do, but more like breathing, or a hiccup, or blinking, it is something more rudimentary. It is also something I enjoy tremendously. I hope that others can enjoy it as well.