Nickai is purely a product of his gritty life experiences. Like many writers/poets his works are rittled with first-hand walks on the dark side; but he keeps it on the love. Unmistakably a peace-loving, laid-back character who is a firm believer that his life mission is to breakdown the barriers that separate all mankind by race and culture, he says "appreciate, don’t separate!" You can catch this cat at any Nation of Poetry event, as well as any of the given Spoken Word venues in the St. Pete and Tampa Bay areas. Fairly new on the scene and still coming into his own as a writer/entertainer he is sure to bring an original vibe, and sometimes with an unexpected flavor that renders the saying "don’t judge a book…etc," true. Never afraid to bring his idealism to the forefront, and quick to blaze a fire upon sighted corruption, he is certain to be a force in the forthcoming movement of the unification and desegregation of all people. "One Love"