Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rocket is a Puerto Rican swamp rat tranny hailing from Gainesville , Florida . He has been featured by Third Eye Spoken, Tranzmission, Ladyfest South, and twice by Cliterati, has performed various drag and spoken word shows in Asheville , NC and Gainesville , FL , and is a founding member of The Letterbomb Collective in Gainesville , FL. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with Cliterati, Frankie Bolt, Queen Sheba , Venus Jones, Thea Hillman, The Original Woman and Ryka Aoki de la Cruz. He has self-published 2 books of poetry and has 2 more in the works, an anthology of The Civic Media Center Poetry Jam, an 12 year old open mike in Gainesville FL, and another anthology of Puerto Rican poetry by the late poet laureates of Jayuya, PR, Oscar dePaz and Carlos Orama. Having been born to rebellious Latin hippies in California , and then moved to and been raised in the deep un-south south of Florida , Johnny is born-again redneck with a penchant for femmes, cowboy hats and corny country songs. Performing as a drag king, spoken word spitter and musician when called upon to do so, Johnny tries to do justice to the title of Johnny on the Spot. He also tries to do justice to the name Rocket, which usually goes over surprisingly well with girls who like farm boys, but that¢s a story for another day.

Howdy, they call me Rocket. Wanna find out why?

Favorite Food:
Root Beer and hot nuts.

Favorite Quote:
I'm not cool, I'm the inspiration for cool.

Strangest Job:
Goat Wrangler

Favorite Pick-up Line:
I wanna check you for ticks (ala cheesy country song.)