Prophet Of What

Prophet of What has been a life long poet and over the past few years has been bringing a new, more positive light to the Hip Hop scene in GA, VA and FL. After having overcome a brutally abusive childhood, What has made a mission of helping youth through one on one mentoring and education as well as through his poetry and music. He sees a need for change, "You gotta admit that the way we are living is having a negative effect on the children. Two generations on kids with hearts so heavy that their pants are sagging. Give 'em a belt, they still wouldn't use. Can't read a book or a map, so they get music." Strongly inquisitive, he has chosen a name for myself that portrays his visions for the future and his strong desire to inspire others to question everything. What is available for events, concerts or parties as either a poet or eMCee.

You can contact him at or