Featured Poets

February 2010 // The Hypno Pros

Randall (Dr. Trance) and Maryanne work as a team to bring you the best Hypnosis comedy show you have ever seen! This high energy show is a must see for colleges, universities, and high schools students because it is full of audience participation. Maryanne is a Comedian and Ventriloquist. Comedy Hypnotists and Ventriloquism combines fast paced humor with the awesome power of Ventro-Hypno to produce the hottest, most hilarious, and unforgettable hypnotic stage show ever! This show will keep you laughing non-stop. Maryanne and Randall (Dr. Trance) will have your friends playing imaginary musical instruments, their shoes will become cute little puppies or kittens, they will shake their booty, and imitate every move of Maryanne’s puppets. Maryanne and Randall (Dr. Trance) are also Clinical Hypnotherapists and work with clients to stop smoking, lose weight, create pain management, handle phobias, etc. For more information visit: www.hypnopros.net

October 2008 // Warrior Woman

Adrienne Nadeau aka Warrior Woman is the founder of “The Warrior Woman, Inc.”, an organization dedicated to bringing spoken word poetry to young adults through empowering performances, lectures, and workshops. She uses her creative talents to explore her religious background, speak about women’s rights, and vent about ex-boyfriends. For more information about The Warrior Woman, visit her on the web: www.thewarriorwoman.org.

August 2008 // Cuban & Kylie

Returning ThirdEye feature Cuban, hailing from Jacksonville, with his Minoriteam mate Sonja from Tampa blazed the stage for the Civic Media Center. Minoriteam won the 2008 Southern Fried Slam in June.

Co-Founder of ThirdEyeSpoken and host of Wild Wordz, Kylie Slavik has been writing poetry since age nine. She has been networking and bringing together different communities in Gainesville for almost a decade. When ThirdEyeSpoken was a mere idea being discussed between three friends, it was Kylie who was able to pack the house with over 100 people on opening night. Check out this Leo-Goddess on the web: http://www.myspace.com/omtaretutareturesoha

June 2008 // GHS Poetry Collective

GHS Poetry Collective is here and on fire! This event featured Jordan House, Viviane Mardy, Shannon Latimer, Chris Yozgat, Kyle McCormick, Julien Barrass-Buskirk, John Singleton, and Isabel Teller. Asia E, high school graduating senior from Tampa, Florida, also co-featured. These dynamic students of GHS participated in the Literacy Festival and then showcased their first poetry Cd compilation and chat book at the Thomas Center. Incredible talent and wisdom!!

February 2008 // The Original Woman

We had to bring her back!! The Original Woman made one last trip to Gainesville before giving birth to her baby boy! She featured at Wild Iris Books spit fire along with guest poet, Krystle Wit a "E" from Tampa, Florida. The Original woman just graduated law school and had a baby withing the same month... gotta give this queen poet props for being so active and proactive! We love you Nitche! To learn more about the Original Woman, visitwww.theoriginalwoman.com.

December 2007 //
Gainesville's Hottest Women!!

ThirdEyeSpoken helped Crissy produce an event benefiting the Rock-N-Roll Camp for Girls. Some of Gainesville's finest, Cassette, Kathleen Kennedy, and Redboy featured along with Tampa's Giddy-up Helicopters. ThirdEyeSpoken poets, Starr, Portia, Lacey, Kylie, Rocket,and Alena performed in between sets to raise money for this rock camp for girls. To learn more about the Rock-N-Roll Camp for girls, visit www.girlsrockcamp.org.

September 2007 // Write Side Poets

ThirdEyeSpoken's 2 Year Anniversary featured The Write Side Poet's youth slam team from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. These phenomenal teens performed for Gainesville High School the morning of the ThirdEye event in front of about 500 students! With their open minds and compassionate hearts, The Write Side Poets are encouraging youth from all over Florida to pick up the pen and join them in this empowering social conscious movement. To learn more about these prodigies, check out www.writesidepoets.org.

July 2007 // ThirdEyeSpoken

ThirdEyeSpoken's Production Team along with The Word Is Spoken's David Maas and Wendy Thorton participated in the City of Gainesville's "Let's Go Downtown!" performance art series. ThirdEye's members included Lacey Nagy, Edwin Barker, Jimmy Nil Fishhawk, Starr Blaisedale, and Johnny Rocket. The evening also included ThirdEye's co-founder, Kylie Slavik and supporting producer, Prophet of What, all of whom captivated the public lounging on the beautiful grass lawn at the Downtown Community Plaza.

June 2007 // Lacey Nagy &
Venus Jones

Yes, both of these goddesses are Gemini and joined forces to release their individual poetry Cds to benefit MISSION POSSIBLE. ThirdEye's host Lacey Nagy and Tampa's Venus Jones are good friends and are constantly uplifting each other and inspiring the world around them. They are community builders and have a passion for teaching the next generation how to find and use their voice. To learn more about Venus, check out www.venusjones.com.

April 2007 // Sister Spit

Sister Spit, an eight touring feminist team of poets and writers, toured all over the nation and ended their month long journey in Gainesville, FL. They were eclectic and intense, all reading from their books to give us a diverse evening of laughter and intrigue. This show was produced in conjuction with Wild Iris Books, who often bring the team's founder, Michelle Tea, to town. Check out www.sisterspit.com.

March 2007 // Queen Sheba

We had to bring her back! Queen Sheba toured through Florida and blessed Gainesville with the "Sheba Show" at Common Grounds. Blowing the mind caps off a new crowd, this dynamic goddess gave us an evening we will never forget. She connects with her audience and included a personal comedy show in between each life changing poem!! Check her out on www.queensheba.org.

November 2006 // Venus Jones

Venus Jones has a voice and image that has appeared in over 100 commercials and two blockbuster movies. A writer, performer, and community activist, Venus has written for MTV and is currently working on a one-woman show. Her debut book, “She Rose”, was written to celebrate and uplift women of all ages. To experience more of the journey from this girl to Goddess, visit www.venusjones.com.

August 2006 // Kyle Swann

Kyle Swann is a singer songwriter living in Tampa, FL. He has spent years developing a relationship between his word and melody and has played everywhere from coffee shops to Amphitheatres. In a world where pop culture has muffled the voice of the modern artist with sex appeal and image construction, Kyle is a breath of fresh air. He carries an overwhelming message of spirituality and uses song and story to remind us of all the little things that make us human.

June 2006 //
The Letterbomb Collective

The Letterbomb Collective contains five of the most explosive poets representing the Civic Media Center's Poetry Jam, Gainesville's longest running poetry open mic. These proletariat poets are freedom outcasts because they refuse to exclude anyone from fully self expressing...it's kind of scary not being in the complacency of a box! Johnny Rocket, Jimmy Nil Fishhawk, Phil Godwin, Prophet of What?!, and Eric Stubbs are vocally equipped to invade your confort zone and blow your mind!

March 2006 // The Original Woman

A native of North Carolina, this "original" woman confesses, "I have to tell the truth. I'm not really a poet. I'm a people's soldier. I only use poetry as a tool to mobilize the people." She takes pride in her body by teaching the youth and reminding adults to "love your body." To learn more about this empowered revolutionary goddess, visit her website at www.theoriginalwoman.com

February 2006 // Cuban

Hailing from Jacksonville, this eighteen year old poet prodigy captivates his audiences with his open heart, awakened mind, and swift tonge. We were honored to feature his CD release of "Slightly Above Mediocre." Cuban believes, "The roots of spoken word are built on fertile grounds of nerves and excitement." He has been writing since the tender age of thirteen and lives, breathes, eats, and drinks poetry. Check him out at www.shatteredthought.com

January 2006 // Apartment Poets

Katrina Ruiz and Sami J. represented the Apartment Poets with an awakening performance. Katrina, one of the founders of the Apt. Poets, is a UF graduate who placed Top 5 in the National Secondhand Slam in New York City. Sami J, a UF student who has helped in hosting Exhale, competed in the 2005 National Poetry Slam as a member of the Orlando slam team. The Apartment Poets boldly perform on socialissues to change the vibration of how society has been conditioned to think.

October 2005 // Erin C

Our first local feature, Erin C., a UF student blew the crowd away our first night at new venue, Damon's Downtown. She is the latest addition to the Souljahs of Verbal Xpressions, a local poetry group of amazing spoken word artists. She is a regular feature at the Not Def Poetry Jam at the Plasma Lounge...one of Gainesville's finest poets indeed.

September 2005 // Queen Sheba

Currently living in the ATL, this master wordsmith has blown up open mics all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has appeared on BET'S 106 & Park, performed at the Apollo and has won countless slams. Her team recently took second place in the National Poetry Slam in Albequrque, NM. She is founder and CEO of Oya Xclusive, has ran several successful venues, and is a writer and activist that has reached the minds and hearts of tens of thousands.