Kylie Slavik


Kylie grew up in upstate New York and started writing poetry at age nine. She has always been intrigued by how language creates reality and how in turn reality informs language... so poetry has always been a magic door, an open window, to explore new landscapes and make new worlds... She attended several universities and graduated with a BA in 2003. Since then she has been a vital force in the Gainesville community working as a cook and self-educating in her many interests such as nutrition, philosophy, art, music, religion, mysticism, yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. She has also been active in working with juvenile drug offenders and plans to continue this work, incorporating spoken word into it... She is a part of New Words Order and cocreator of ThirdEyeSpoken, Gainesville's hot new poetry open mic. Her aim in this undertaking is to create a sense of community in a highly fractured world. Poetry is the elixir, healing is the work. Please come out and support.