Lacey Nagy

The websites of Queen Sheba

The website of Nitche Ward

The website of Nubia

Get connected with other poets and venues

The website of Cuban from Jacksonville

The website of Venus Jones from Tampa

The website of Tia Wilson from Gainesville

The website of Kelly Tsai from New York

Black on Black Rhyme poetry troupe


Get connected with other poets and venues, based out of St. Pete, FL

Get connected with other poets and venues, based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Longest running poetry venue (Po Jam) in Gainesville, FL

Jacksonville, FL poetry venue

Online magazine for women and links to poetry venues

Open Mic in Savannah, GA

Site of multiple poetry venues in FL

Side Bar night club in Gainesville, FL


The website of Gainesville’s Marce Bonita!

The website of Gainesville’s Em!

The website of Flash Silvermoon and link to Wise Woman’s Festival

The website of the magical sounds from all over the world,
Cd "Breakthrough"


The website of ThirdEyeSpoken's photographer, Natalie Cisneros

The website of Gainesville’s Cary Gardner

Fine art photo collage artist in Maui, HI

The website of sculptor Lilian Engel

Karrinyarra travelling art gallery

Non-Profits & Supporters

Florida’s only New Age feminist book store

The website of Gainesville Men's Center who donates a portion of
proceeds to ThirdEyeSpoken!

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy

Free motivational coaching

The website of Gainesville’s Seraphim Center

The website of a non-profit helping communities world-wide

Global Gaia Foundation (Hawaii, California, Europe)

Designer for ThirdEyeSpoken's first website