Krystle Wit a "E"

This is me. One thing you can count with me is that I will be real. I am problem solver. I will not smile up in yo face just cause everyone is. I prefer non-violence but there are times when one must stick up for themselves. I have an interesting sense of direction. I am into fashion. I am creative. Right now I am sleepy. I am comfortable in my own skin and it's a good feeling. I am positive. I am often running behind schedule but I am working on that. I am loyal. I am who I am behind my words written in mostly a five star notebook. I am a bad speller so if you see something mis-spelled please do me the honors of letting me know, not complying is like allowing snot and or mucus to be dangling from one's nose and not say NOTHIN! Lol. I love me and I pray you love you! Spread words of conciousness so ignorance becomes an abolishment!